INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (WCMH) — Former Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud spoke at the NFL Combine on Friday and sounded like a player who ready to be the face of a franchise.

“I think I’ve been the best player in college football 2 years in a row,” Stroud said. “Honestly I haven’t even touched my potential yet. I think I have a lot more to get better at but I have a lot more to prove to not only y’all but to myself.”

Stroud will be just the fifth OSU quarterback taken in the first round and if he’s selected in the top three, he’ll be the highest Buckeyes quarterback ever drafted.

Fellow Buckeye Jaxon Smith-Njigba most likely won’t be a top five pick but he believes he’s that type of talent.

“I just think my playmaking ability is second to none,” Smith-Njigba said. “I think I’m a top five player in the draft, not just a top five receiver.”

Smith-Njigba didn’t get a chance to prove that during the 2022 season after missing virtually the whole year with a hamstring injury. He said at the Combine that he only got back to being 100% ‘two or three weeks ago’ which is why he decided to opt out of running the 40-yard dash. He added he plans to run the 40 at Ohio State’s Pro Day.