DETROIT, Michigan (WJW) – The Cleveland Browns (3-6) faced a tough Buffalo Bills (6-3) team and couldn’t hold them back, losing 23-31 Sunday at Ford Field.

The Browns were quickly able to score at the start of the game, making it 7-0.

The Bills were able to answer, but only with a field goal, moving the score to 7-3 in the first quarter.

Moving into the next quarter, it looked as if the Browns would be able to nab another touchdown, but following a drop, the team was forced to make a field goal. Cade York was successful and the score moved to 10-3.

Browns eventually get a nice drive going, but then, the Bills shut it down getting a turnover. Despite this, the Bills were not able to expound the move into a touchdown. Instead, they were forced to try for a field goal, which left the score 10-6.

Going into halftime, the Bills were finally able to capitalize on the end zone and they took the lead for the first time in the game. The score moved to 13-10, Bills up.

Now in the third, a 56-yard field goal by Tyler Bass was good for the Bills, bringing their lead to 16-10.

Devin Singletary landed a 5-yard touchdown, but a two-point conversation was denied. The Bills were up 22-10.

In the 4th, a field goal by Bass was good, this time 49 yards. The Bills were leading 25-10. Bass made another field goal, this time 28 yards, bringing the Bills’ lead to 28-10.

Jacoby Brissett made a short pass to Amari Cooper for a 7-yard touchdown for the Browns. Brissett landed another complete pass, this time to Donovan Peoples-Jones for another touchdown.

It wasn’t enough for the Browns to come back. The Bills defeated the Browns 31-23.


The game that was scheduled for Buffalo was moved to Ford Field in Detroit due to several feet of lake effect snow.

While it was supposed to be a Bills’ home game, the drive to Detroit is much closer for Browns fans – about 2.5 hours. Bills ticket holders have nearly twice that far to drive to get there.

“I’m as curious as anybody about what that is going to look like, who is going to be in that stadium and how full it’s going to be,” Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said Friday. “We’re ready for the silent count. Obviously, we practiced silent count all week.

Both teams and fans were toasty warm for an indoor game – something neither side is used to.

The Bills had previously lost 2 straight, and the Browns were the only thing standing between Buffalo and a third loss.

The Browns had ruled out CB Greg Newsome II for Sunday’s Week 11 game against the Bills.

Jacoby Brissett has just one games left with the Browns before QB1 Deshaun Watson returns from suspension.

The Browns will host Tampa Bay at FirstEnergy, and then head to Houston, where Deshaun Watson will get his first regular-season start in more than a year.