COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The Columbus Crew beat interstate rivals FC Cincinnati 3-0 at Field in the annual Hell is Real rivalry, taking a series lead with six wins.

Crew fans said they were glad to see the team come away with the win and, more than that, they’re excited to see what the rest of the season has in store.

“Yeah, that win definitely builds momentum, especially how big the game was,” Crew fan Roshen Cantli said.

Fans said the rivalry between the clubs is steadily growing.

“It will take time, but I have no doubt, over the next several decades, it will try to be like the OSU-Michigan for the MLS,” Crew fan Ravi Panday said.

The rivalry game left its mark on more than just the fans.

“Oh yeah, we are glad that soccer is back,” Moran’s Bar and Grill owner Matt Rootes said, noting that business was three times what it normally would be on a Sunday.

Other businesses in the Arena District feel the same way.

“Well, over a typical non-event Sunday, we will probably be up, 400-500 percent versus, like, last Sunday,” Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar owner Tim Emery said. “To be able to have a game between Columbus and Cincinnati, the whole Hell is Real thing, it’s a lot of fun.”

Some fans said it’s more than just a game.

“The amount of people who are truly, not just supportive of the club, but also being proud to be from Columbus, it’s really a source of pride for us,” Panday said.

The Crew will be back in action Saturday when they take on Toronto FC.