COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – With a teachers’ strike against Columbus City Schools carrying on as Thursday and Friday night football approaches, coaches from other school districts are taking preventative measures out of caution.

When NBC4 checked the Columbus City Schools website on Wednesday for an athletic schedule for 2022-23 fall sports, none was posted. The only visible schedule was for the 2021-22 boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. NBC4 reached out to three different central Ohio schools’ athletic directors to see if their teams would play against CCS teams, reschedule or cancel their games against the district altogether.

The Bexley High School Lions were set Thursday at 7 p.m. to play against CCS’ Mifflin Punchers in high school football, according to MaxPreps. However, Athletic Director Eli Goldberger confirmed that his team canceled the game against the Punchers because of the strike. Instead, they set up another game at the same time on Friday against Hamilton Township.

Grandview Heights Schools Athletic Director Brad Bertani told NBC4 that his district was playing by ear.

“We don’t have any competitions in the near future with any city league schools, so I’m afraid I know as much as you do at this point,” Bertani said.

As for Hamilton Township, its Athletic Director Matt Thompson said he wanted to give the district’s teams every chance to get back on track with their game schedules.

“We intend to play Columbus schools as long as they are able to play,” Thompson said. “We had a football game that was canceled this week playing with Independence. We did reschedule that to play a different opponent this week, and so we will not play Independence, but we do have some other events later in the season with Columbus public. If we are able to play them, we will go ahead and play them.”