COLUMBUS (WCMH) — This spring, Lauren O’Brien helped coach the DeSales girls lacrosse team to a state title while her husband, Kelly, was part of the coaching staff that led the Dublin Coffman boys lacrosse team to a state title as well.

The couple also earned the title of “Mom” and “Dad” when they welcomed their first daughter, Evelyn, during the title runs.

“His boys would ask, you know, ‘Did your wife wins states?’ and he said that right before they took the field, he told his team, ‘Yeah, my wife just won states,’” said Lauren O’Brien.

Before the Stallions ran off the field as the Division II State Champions for the second time in four years, the work started in the off-season when Lauren was pregnant.

“When we found out that we were pregnant, we knew the due date was going to be right around the final four, and we knew that hopefully, both teams would get there,” said Lauren.

The O’Brien’s love of coaching lacrosse kept them committed to helping their teams until the day before Lauren’s scheduled due date.

“That was the best thing that could’ve happened, give us something to do all day so we’re not worried about what’s going to happen tomorrow,” said Kelly O’Brien.

Lauren had to miss coaching in the regional finals, but her players gave her a game ball when she returned for the Final Four.

“It’s the hardest working group of kids I’ve ever been around, and the coaching staff is extremely dedicated, the parents are amazing, it’s a very special place to be, which is why I wanted to keep coaching during our pregnancy,” said Lauren.

Lauren and Kelly both attended Ohio Wesleyan University, so earning two state titles at Selby Stadium meant a lot to the O’Brien family.

“So just to have that win on that field where we’ve won a bunch of times before was a great feeling for us,” said Kelly.

Their daughter, Evelyn, attended both championship games, but her parents are not sure she will follow in their footsteps and play lacrosse.

“Whatever she wants to do she gets to do, I don’t know if she’ll want two parents that also coach the sport she plays, so whatever she wants to do, we’ll support her,” said Lauren.