NEW ALBANY, Ohio (WCMH) — It is Brock Kidwell’s senior year at New Albany High School, and so far, it has been a year to remember. 

First, he earned the starting quarterback job for the first time, and second, he gets to play one final year with his friends and for his dad, head coach Bubba Kidwell.  

“I really like the way he handles things,” said Brock of his father’s coaching style. “He kind of teaches us to all become young men and how to handle ourselves in bad situations and overcome adversity.” 

Overcoming adversity is something the Eagles program and Kidwell family have done together. Two years ago, while coaching a game, Bubba had a heart attack.  

“Like, after it happened, it felt pretty empty when he wasn’t here for the week after it happened,” Brock said thinking back to his sophomore year. “It all just felt like dark skies and when he finally came back out, it was like rainbows again.” 

Bubba returned to the field after only a week away, and he brought with him a new perspective.  

“It made me realize that, you know, I wasn’t here for the week of practice and New Albany still had football,” Bubba said with a laugh. “So it’s one of those things where this is bigger than me. It’s bigger than anybody.” 

That’s because the program is a family. It starts with Bubba as the head coach, Brock the quarterback, and Bubba’s father, Tim, as the offensive line coach. However, that bond has reached beyond the name Kidwell and embraced every single person involved with New Albany football. 

Bubba believes that is what has led this team to its 8-0 record – the best start for the Eagles since 2013.  

“This team really rallies together,” said senior Alex Chattos. “I don’t think anyone is out for personal glory on this team. It’s all about New Albany winning the game.”  

“I’ve watched these kids grow up,” Bubba said, looking out at his team on the practice field. “They’ve been to our house. They’ve stayed overnight I don’t know how many times, so there are so many special things about New Albany football, but I think the biggest thing is them caring for one another.” 
“Sometimes I think back to that moment, like when all that happened, I gotta think like what if something worse happened in that situation,” Brock said. “It makes each win feel more special.”