GROVE CITY, Ohio (WCMH) — The Grove City Greyhounds advanced to the Division I state championship after beating Mason 4-1 on Friday.

Within the family of Grove City baseball, being called a dirt bag isn’t a dirty term.

“You know from a young age, our kids at baseball camp wanna be dirt bags,” Grove City baseball head coach Ryan Alexander said. “It’s something that they have bought into.”

For them, being a dirt bag means embracing old school, small ball.

“We don’t really have any big guys on our team so we just kind of buy into bunting and stealing bases and we practice that every practice,” Grove City senior Jackson Ware said.

Alexander and his staff haven’t had a hard time getting the guys to buy into that strategy. In fact, the Greyhounds enjoy getting under other teams’ skin.

“You see a bunch of teams doing stuff that they’ve never done before and it’s really frantic at times,” senior Dennis Ritlinger-Nirider said. “That’s probably one of our favorite times is after a big error or something happens from the other team from a bunt. It’s really a momentum swing for us.”

To be successful in this style, the Greyhounds have learned they have to play as a cohesive unit.

“I think that’s why we’ve been so good this year. We’re just playing as one team,” Ware said.

To do that, they’ve adopted the mantra “mudita,” a word from Sanskrit that Alexander introduced to the team.

“Finding a joy in others successes and truly believing in all of your teammates,” Alexander said.