COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Last year, in Beechcroft’s second year under Humphrey Simmons, the Cougars went 6-0 in league play winning the City League North Division.

Beechcroft lost a big senior class from that team, but they also return some key pieces this year. They also added a new player from Westerville Central who brings talent, hard work, and inspiration.

When junior Rosean Burns made the switch from Westerville Central to Beechcroft this summer, he knew he had something to prove. But then again Rosean, who goes by Ro, always feels like he has something top prove.

Ro was born with a blood clot at the top of his right shoulder preventing blood from getting to his hand.
Doctors had no choice but to amputate the hand when he was nine months old.

“Everybody is just like, ‘How do you do it?'” Ro said. “[I] just catch the ball. It’s nothing special.”

Ro’s been playing football since he was four years old. It’s a sport that comes natural to him.

“He was already an athlete. He was born an athlete,” said Ro’s mother Debbie Randal. “Yeah, he was ready.”

It didn’t take long for Simmons either to figure out Ro has what it takes to play.

“I saw him play and was like, ‘This kid can play,'” Simmons said. “He never says can’t. He tries it and that’s what I love about him. They look at him like, ‘Oh, if Ro can do it, I’m gonna do it too!’ They feed off of him real well.”

And Ro feeds off the doubters.

“You get out there they underestimate you,” he said. “You go out there they believe you can’t do it until you catch that first pass.”