COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — More than 100 college coaches from all across the country made their way to central Ohio this week to watch local football players show off their skills.

“I mean I think I did pretty good. I showed a couple coaches that I can really play,” Gahanna junior running back Diore Hubbard said.

After his combine performance, Hubbard was offered a football scholarship to Ohio University.

“I mean I feel like a couple colleges been sleeping on me,” he said. “I don’t know why but I came out here and showed out.”

His teammates, junior defensive end Elijah King, received an offer from Marshall.

“It’s amazing man,” King said. “I’m so grateful they were able to come out and watch us play and watch us work. I don’t even know how to describe it. I’m so grateful for it.”

The central Ohio showcase began in 2018 with a handful of teams led by Gahanna coach Bruce Ward and Bishop Hartley coach Brad Burchfield. This year, 25 area schools participated leading to more than 100 offers over three days.

“Yeah that’s the beautiful thing about this,” Ward said. “It gives those kids an opportunity to showcase their skills and get in front of the guys and receive those offers and hopefully pursue their dreams of playing at the next level.”

Meanwhile, west side schools like Upper Arlington hosted a showcase for the first time. Sophomore Cal Thrush and junior George Gerber were among the players that received an offer on the field right after the workout.

“It feels like a dream,” Thrush said. “I’ve always dreamt of this and them being out here for us it’s a really cool opportunity for all the guys.”

“I’ve gotten a few looks from other schools but having the opportunity to have other schools look at me is huge,” Gerber said. “It’s huge because you know because it’s a lot of our dreams to go play football further on.”

Wherever they decide to play, just know they’ll be representing central Ohio.

“Central Ohio football is getting better and better by the year. I would say we have the best football in the Ohio,” Hubbard said. “Central Ohio instead of them Cincinnati and Cleveland cats.”

That can be up for debate, but after this week there’s no denying the talent in this area.