DUBLIN, Ohio (WCMH) — The saying ‘good things come in threes’ is especially true for talented Sheldon family who have made a name for themselves on the court.

Jacy Sheldon is a junior point guard at Ohio State who leads the Buckeyes in scoring and was just named first team all Big Ten.

Her younger brother, Ajay, is committed to Ohio University for basketball and led Dublin Coffman in scoring during his senior year.

But it’s the youngest Sheldon who’s the star of the family.

Emmy Sheldon loves singing along to Disney movies, watching Jojo Siwa on YouTube and going to the pool. But more than anything Emmy, who has Down Syndrome, loves being around other people.

“She’s a superstar. That’s how I would describe her,” Jacy said.

While her siblings do their thing on the court, Emmy holds court.

“For Ajay’s high school game when they run back to half court, she slaps their hands for 10-12 minutes in warmups,” Emmy’s dad, Duane, said. “When we go to Jacy’s games, they all come over and give her a hug . . . She finds a way to do her part.”

Even if doing her part means giving the refs a piece of her mind.

“She’ll get into now! She’ll yell at the refs sometimes,” Jacy said.

“She’ll yell ‘Travel!’ I’m like travel? Who taught you that,” Ajay said.

“She’s right a lot of the time or she’ll yell foul and I’m like you’re right,” Jacy said.

But if the call doesn’t go your way, you have to let it go.

“I’ve seen more Disney movies and stuff like that than any 19 year old kid ever has!” Ajay said.

Ajay and Jacy have learned more than Disney lyrics from their little sister.

“Just the way she kind of looks at life and how she treats everybody else is just so positive and that’s definitely worn off on me,” Jacy said. “Growing up too you know I had to be really patient with her. I learned that fast that was something I was going to have to develop and it’s helped me in so many aspects in life.”

“She’s grown up so much and she has conversations and everyday she can do something that surprises you,” Ajay said. “It’s just been so cool to watch her grow in every way.”