COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The NCAA Division I Council is recommending the NCAA eliminate the “one-time” part of its transfer rule and allow athletes to transfer multiple times and be able to play right away.

This is a stark contrast to legislation passed last year when the NCAA Division I Board of Directors ratified the adoption of a measure that allowed athletes in all sports to transfer once without sitting out a season.

The recommendation says any athlete would be able to transfer and have immediate eligibility, if they meet academic standards.

The concept would also implement transfer portal “entry windows,” or periods of time in which student-athletes must provide their school with written notification of transfer to be eligible to compete immediately the following academic year.

For winter and spring sports, students could provide written notification of transfer the day after NCAA championship selections in that sport for 60 calendar days. In fall sports, two separate windows would provide a total of 60 calendar days. The first window would be 45 days beginning the day following championship selection and the second would be from May 1 to May 15.