COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – If Elon Musk has his way, the Cleveland Cavaliers could lose nearly 1.3 million fans, or rather, fake fans.

In April, Twitter’s new owner vowed to attack and defeat fake accounts and, according to, the Cavaliers could lose an estimated 1.28 million fake followers should Musk’s plan be realized.

The Cavaliers, who boast over 3.3 million followers, were one of seven major sports teams in Ohio that were run through SparkToro’s fake follower audit program.

After a fake-following purge, however, that number could drop to 2.05 million followers. The good news for the Cavaliers is that they have the lowest percentage of fake followers, 38.4%, among major sports teams in Ohio. That honor goes to the Cincinnati Reds, who have an estimated 443,000 fake followers, or 46.8% of their total number of followers.

TeamFake FollowersFake Follower %Twitter FollowersUpdated Followers
Cleveland Cavaliers1.28M38.4%3.33M2.05M
Cleveland Browns703K44.9%1.56M863K
Cincinnati Bengals557K42.4%1.31M756K
Cleveland Guardians476K41.3%1.15M675K
Cincinnati Reds443K46.8%946K503K
Columbus Blue Jackets231K44.6%518K287K
Columbus Crew94K46.3%203K109K
Data courtesy of using SparkToro’s fake follower audit

In total, Ohio sports teams would lose nearly 3.8 million fake twitter accounts.