(WCMH) — At Ohio State, the annual crossing out of the letter “M” all over campus has begun in anticipation of the Buckeye game against Michigan, also known as That Team Up North, on Saturday.

NBC4 reporter Catherine Ross Tweeted about what she found when looking for the traditional red X’s on and around campus.

“It’s officially rivalry week around the Ohio State ca❌pus this ❌onday ❌orning!” Ross wrote in her tweet, strictly adhering to the no “M” policy.

Also spotted on Twitter, is a special tribute to the rivalry posted on the university’s official account.

The post features a statue of William Oxley Thompson, the school’s fifth president, with a Beat ❌ichigan sign draped over it and is captioned, “It’s the ❌ost wonderful ti❌e of the year. 🎶😎,” managing to combine the spirit of upcoming holidays and the intensity of The Game.

And, it’s not just around the campus area where the 13th letter of the alphabet is being covered. Visitors to John Glenn International Airport will notice big red X’s upon arrival.

Here are more pictures of the red tape that has been rolled out on campus in the excitement of beating TTUN.