WESTERVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) — Buckeye blood runs deep in the Robbins family.  

“I grew up in Columbus. I grew up a Buckeye fan. I went to all the Buckeye games,” said Kristi Robbins, from the family’s home in Westerville. “I was a supporter of the Buckeyes.”  

“My brother played for Earl Bruce!” said Eric, Kristi’s husband. “The name of my company is Buckeye Wealth.”

Both Eric and Kristi graduated from Ohio State – Kristi even has a photograph of her with famous Buckeyes football coach Woody Hayes on her graduation day. 

So, what’s the reaction when one day, the son of these two Ohio State alumni decides he’s not just going to Michigan, but that he’s going to play football there?  

“A little bit of a shock,” said Kristi with a laugh. 

But not necessarily for all the reasons, you may think. Football wasn’t always the number one sport for Kristi and Eric’s youngest son, Brad. 

“He was a soccer guy who could punt and kick,” Kristi said. 

Brad came late to the football recruiting party. 

“This punting thing and kicking thing kind of took on a life of its own,” Eric added. “He didn’t really start going to the camps and getting ranked and recognized until he was going to be a senior.”

The Westerville South punter was originally committed to play for Nevada after the Wolfpack coaching staff saw him at a summer camp. Then, after the 2016 season, Nevada went through a coaching overhaul. The athletic department told Brad they would still honor his scholarship, even though the coaches who recruited him were no longer with the school. Brad decided he wanted to look elsewhere. 

Brad went to one more camp in January, just four months before he would graduate high school. About a month later, on signing day, Jim Harbaugh called and offered Brad a scholarship to Michigan. 

The Robbins family would never be the same.   

“So that night, Brad came home from school, and he’s playing the Michigan fight song in our house and running around and it got to a point where he went up to take a shower and the fight song was blaring, and Eric walked up to the door and we’re both looking at each other,” Kristi shared. “Eric knocked on the door.” 

“And said we are going to have to ease into this!” Eric finished with a laugh. 

Photographs show Eric and Kristi have come to embrace the maize and blue, but there have been many adjustments over the years.

“So, I think my first experience in The Big House was playing against OSU, so 2017, Brad’s freshman year,” Kristi remembered. “The Ohio State band came out and I stood up – in the [Michigan] parents section — I stood up and started singing the fight song. I looked around and everyone is staring at me horrified!”

When it comes to wardrobe, and Brad’s siblings, some old habits die hard.

“His big brother Eric, however, huge, huge Buckeye fan,” Kristi said. 

“He wears Buckeye socks to the Michigan game underneath [his Michigan clothes],” Eric Sr. said with a laugh.

And naturally, there is always some rivalry ribbing amongst friends and family. 

 “You’ll hear people say we hope he punts all day long when they play OSU,” Kristi said with a smile.

But these Ohio State alums and Columbus natives now consider their blood to run Buckeye Blue – and that continues even after Brad’s time playing in Ann Arbor is finished. 

“You know, I think you can support more than one team,” Kristi said. “We’ve learned so much about the program and I’ve really appreciated that look inside.”

“We’ll be dual fans, you know,” Eric added.