COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Ohio State University’s Board of Trustees approved next year’s football ticket prices at its full board meeting Thursday.

Will Buckeyes tickets cost more? The short answer: It depends on what you buy and what you’re looking at.

Season ticket holders will see a significant decrease in sticker prices from the 2022 season — but that’s primarily because the Buckeyes will play six home games next year, compared with eight in 2022. The lower totals also account for fewer Big Ten home games, from five in 2022 to four in 2023.

Zone2022 season ticket price2023 season ticket price
Season ticket prices per zone

Starting in 2023, Ohio State will charge a $2 fee per ticket per game for stadium preservation costs. For clarity, NBC4’s 2023 values do not include this fee.

Student tickets, typically bought in full-season or Big Ten-only packages, will cost $34 per game, as they have since 2013. Faculty and staff are also eligible for discounts on season tickets.

Ohio State didn’t always split the stadium into zones — that was a change for the 2022 season. Instead of having two pricing options for reserved seating and box/club seats, season pass holders and individual ticket buyers alike can choose among six “zones” around the stadium.

Drag the cursor right to see ticket zones for Ohio Stadium. Drag the cursor left to see a map of the stadium’s deck levels. (Photos Courtesy/Ohio State Athletics)

The priciest option, zone 1 encompasses just two sections above the 50-yard line. The other zones fan around the ‘Shoe’s levels and out from the center of the field, with the most-affordable zone 6 lining the edges of top rows.

Average ticket prices per game for season passes will decrease for each of Ohio Stadium’s six zones — with the biggest differences in Zone 6. The averages in the table below were calculated by dividing the season ticket price by the number of home games in a season, rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

Zone2022 average cost per game,
season pass
2023 average cost per game,
season pass
Average cost per game for season ticket passes, per zone

Buckeyes fans can also purchase tickets for individual games. While home game line-ups differ year-to-year, affecting annual ticket prices, average individual game ticket prices will decrease overall next year.

Values for the table below were calculated using prices per individual game for each zone, rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

Zone2022 average cost per game,
individual tickets
2023 average cost per game,
individual tickets
Average cost per game for individual tickets, per zone

In the 2022 season, Ohio State’s Big Ten games at home are against Rutgers, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. In 2023, the Buckeyes will play Maryland, Penn State, Michigan State and Minnesota at home. The difference in value of tickets for Big Ten games varies widely, with tickets in all zones but Zone 6 increasing in average price next year.

The table below was calculated using individual game prices for Big Ten games divided by the number of Big Ten home games per season, rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

Zone2022 average cost per Big Ten game,
individual tickets
2023 average cost per Big Ten game,
individual tickets
Average cost per game using individual game prices for Big Ten games, per zone

Ticket costs for Big Ten games in years past

Because Ohio State doesn’t host the same Big Ten teams each year, and because of last year’s shift to six zones instead of two options, comparing costs year to year can prove challenging.

When Ohio State played Michigan State in 2019, box/club seats were $172 and reserved seats were $147, according to the Board of Trustees’ finance and investment committee meeting agenda. For 2021’s Ohio State-Michigan State game, tickets cost $169 and $144 for box/club and reserved seats, respectively.

Next fall, tickets for zones 1 through 3 for the Michigan State game will be $230, $206 and $182, respectively. Zones 4 through 6, filling out the flanks of most decks, will be $158, $135 and $89, respectively.

In 2019, the Penn State game cost $223 and $198 for its two tiers, the finance and investment committee meeting and agenda states. In 2021, tickets were $235 and $210. Next year, Penn State tickets will cost between $119 and $308, depending on the zone.

Tickets for the Buckeyes’ home game against Maryland cost $117 and $92 in 2019 and $115 and $90 in 2021. In 2023, the Maryland game will cost $153, $137, $121, $105, $90 and $59 for zones 1 through 6, respectively.

The table below includes prices for all home games in all zones for the 2023 season. Big Ten games are marked with an asterisk (*).

GameZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6
Youngstown State$101$90$80$69$59$39
Western Kentucky$101$90$80$69$59$39
*Penn State$308$276$244$212$181$119
*Michigan State$230$206$182$158$135$89
2023 Ohio State football ticket prices