COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Despite not playing in the Big Ten Championship, Ohio State has once again claimed victory in the Rose Bowl, giving the Buckeyes their fourth straight victory in Rose Bowl games since 1997.

“You always want to finish out strong, you don’t want to end the season with a downer,” said Jimmy Barouxis, owner of Buckeye Donuts.

Barouxis said he’s a little disappointed to see his favorite team not make the playoffs, but he and other fans are still thrilled to see Ohio State play in one of the biggest bowl games of the year.

“There is quite a bit of buzz, you know, it’s not a huge game, but there’s still quite a bit of buzz here among the college students,” Barouxis said.

“They had a great year! Yeah, they lost to that team up north, but otherwise, I think they’ve had a pretty good year. So we’re happy for them,” said Gary Turner, a lifelong Buckeye fan.

And with this being the Buckeyes final game of the season, fans are now starting to speculate on how the team can improve once the next one starts.

“My biggest thing, is our defense,” said Kevin Ratliff, a Buckeye fan.

“Just working together more fluidly as a team,” said Miranda Berger, an OSU student.

“I think they’ll be considerably better, if they can keep the team together,” Barouxis said.

This game also marks Ohio State’s 16th appearance in the Rose Bowl, while for Utah, it was their very first.