COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Many Ohio State University Buckeye fans said they will be watching the Rose Bowl Game on television this Saturday.

“We live in South Carolina, so we will be watching from South Carolina” said Felicia Susi, a Buckeye fan who was buying gear in Columbus before heading home.

According to Brett Scarbrough, Ohio State University’s senior associate athletic director of Ticketing and Premium Seating, the university was allotted 20,000 tickets for the Rose Bowl and used just over 13,000 of those. The rest were returned to the Rose Bowl to be sold.

The Buckeyes last played in the Rose Bowl in 2019. Scarbrough said the university sold 20,000 tickets for that game.

Ike Reynolds, the owner of Reynolds Travel, said his travel agency booked about 400 people to go to the 2019 Rose Bowl. This year, they booked about 60.

“I don’t know what we thought when the Michigan game was over, where the numbers would be, but we certainly thought maybe we could fill up a charter plane, which would be 150 people maybe, but clearly the 60 is the best we could come up with,” he said.

Reynolds said he thinks the cost to go to the game and the fact that it is not a College Football Playoff game play a role in the decreased demand, but the biggest factor is the concern about COVID-19.

“I think people just don’t want to take a chance,” Reynolds said.

A number of health and safety guidelines will be in place for the Rose Bowl. Those can be found by clicking here.