SOUTH BEND, Indiana (WCMH) – The football team won’t be the only “Buckeyes” on the field Saturday at Notre Dame Stadium. Megan Kelleher, a native Buckeye, will be leading the Notre Dame Band as Head Drum Major.

Kelleher grew up in Westerville where she went to St. Francis DeSales High School.

“At DeSales I was a member of the band and Mr. Steller, the former director there, was one of my greatest mentors. So, I always have to say Go Stallions,” Kelleher said. “But to be honest this weekend is just making me think of what home means for me. Like Notre Dame is my home here on campus, but I’m a Columbus, Ohio native through and through.”

She grew up in a family full of Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans, but was also ingrained in the Buckeye culture.

“So there were a lot of times when I was, ya know, maybe a twelve-year-old going to family football parties where I would wear my Notre Dame sweatshirt over an Ohio State t-shirt and just switch throughout the day. But I will say, the Notre Dame sweatshirt kind of stayed on and this is one of the ones I used to wear all the time,” Kelleher said.

Even though she carried both flags as a proud Irish fan and proud Buckeye, she always dreamed of the blue, green, and gold of South Bend, Indiana.

“I come from a big family of Notre Dame fans so it was always the dream to get to Notre Dame,” Kelleher said.

She’s now a senior at Notre Dame studying mechanical engineering. She’s all set to work at Boeing after graduation. But before then, she’s got some work to do on the football field, outside the stadium, and across campus in South Bend.

“This game is really special to me in a lot of ways because I have such close ties to Columbus having grown up there my whole life and absolutely love that community,” Kelleher said. “And Notre Dame has just been such a big part of my upbringing as well. It’s going to be really special just to see everyone on campus.”