COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — This spring, Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud is wearing a newly developed helmet called Axiom, which is manufactured by Riddell.

The company scans the players’ head to customize the fit and better protect them from concussions. Stroud said the helmet has a futuristic ‘astronaut’ look but is more impressed with how it will keep him safe.

“I think my health is more important than how it looks you know, so I don’t want to ever suffer from concussions or things like that,” Stroud said. “If they tell me that, I have faith in my [equipment] guys and Riddell, so holler at me. Any NIL deals are welcome!”

Stroud said the facemask is also a bit more open than the helmet he wore last year, which he says improves his vision.

“They’re always trying to figure out different ways to protect our players and sometimes you like to get feedback from the players,” OSU coach Ryan Day said. “What they say is certainly a wider vision from the facemask.”