COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Ohio State offensive coordinator Brian Hartline addressed members of the media for the first time since crashing a utility terrain vehicle in the early morning on April 16 hours after the Buckeyes spring football game.

Hartline, who was drinking before the crash, was hospitalized along with one other person. Both sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

“There’s nothing I can really say. All I will say is that in hindsight I probably would have rather went to bed instead of rode in a side-by-side,” Hartline said during OSU’s media day with assistant football coaches. “Everything provides a learning opportunity and I would say it’s a learning opportunity.”

Hartline was named offensive coordinator in January after serving as receivers coach since 2018. He played at Ohio State from 2005 to ’08 before an NFL career with the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns.

In 2010, Hartline was cited for abandoning his vehicle after it was found crashed on a south Florida freeway. The pickup had crashed into a Cadillac. Hartline was fined $115 in that incident.