COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The cost of attending an Ohio State football game can often be a shock for fans, but what also may be shocking is how much less it used to be.

NBC4 recently found video in its archive from 1983 when the university proposed a ticket price increase for students, faculty, and general admission for the 1984 season. The proposed increase, according to the video, for student tickets was $6.50 per game to $7, faculty $10 to $10.75, and general admission $15 to $16.

That has far outpaced the rate of inflation in the United States, especially for faculty/staff and general admission tickets.

While the value of the U.S. dollar increased 172% from Sept. 1983 to Sept. 2021, ticket prices for students, faculty/staff, and the general public have increased at a rate of 469%, 840%, and 773%, respectively.

For 2022, Ohio State will use a per-seat contribution model for ticket prices where several sections and some season ticket holders will see price reductions.