Olentangy Berkshire 8th grade history gets first lesson of its kind

Columbus Blue Jackets

This is the first lesson of its kind here at Olentangy Bershire Middle School.
The eighth graders here were expecting a test, instead, another lesson from the Civil War and how it relates to the local National Hockey League.

The instructor leads the kids towards the answer, but never just gives it to them.

Mr. Emrich starts by talking about Chief Blue Jacket. The Native American had a lot of victories against George Washington and his presidency. Obviously, the team is not named after the tribal chief. 

The next bit of information was about the Blue Jacket wasp. The prediatory insect looks to prey on black widow spiders. The idea is to see if the kids would bite on that bit of information. When you consider the arachnid is rarely found in Ohio, that is not the reason for the name.

Finally, the teacher points to the 2000-2003 logo of “Stinger” the mascot. The red eyed bumble bee was wearing a number of things, including a blue jacket. One student quickly pointed this observation out to the class.

This blue jacket is in the style of what the Union soldier wore during the American Civil War. Some of the information the kids learned: Ohio supplied more than 300,000 soldiers to the war effort and nearly all of the coats were made here in Columbus. The wool for the coasts was also harvested here in the state.

Watch the video to understand why it was the first time this lesson has not been taught. Partly because the civil war information is presented to students in mid to late April.

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