INDIANAPOLIS (WCMH/AP) — Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren spoke at the conference’s media day Tuesday, discussing the addition of UCLA and USC, supporting expansion of the College Football Playoff and much more.

Warren said the Trojans and Bruins will come into the Big Ten as full members and get a full share of the conference revenue when they join in 2024. The Big Ten will be the first conference to stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

“We will not expand just to expand. It will be strategic. It will add additional value to our conference,” Warren said. “We want to be aggressive in how we build this. We’re in a stage of probably a five-year period of change.”

That change could also include the expansion of the College Football Playoff, which Warren said he supports “100%.”

Warren also said the Big Ten is in the process of finalizing a new media rights deal that will go into effect next year, with an announcement expected “sooner rather than later.” He dodged questions about what it could be worth to the conference but some projections have the Big Ten in position to pay out about $100 million in revenue annually to its schools in the coming years.