NBC4’s first Band of the Week for the 2019 high school football season is the Marysville Monarchs.

During their home opener, the 200 member band opened with a number from their competition show, “Medusa.”

“As well as performing parts of our competition show, we like to perform stands tunes, and those are the songs that kind of energize the crowd a little bit and get them more involved in our performance as well,” Marysville marching band head field commander Matthew Curie explained.

One of the band’s popular stands tunes is Ariana Grande’s “Bang Bang,” which they also played during their halftime show.

“We have a series of traditions that we like to do,” added Curie. “We take pride in the quality of music in which we make, and also we like to have a lot of fun as a group.”

The MHS band doesn’t only play for the crowds on Friday night. They’ve been recognized for excellence in their own competitions.

“In previous years, we have gotten a one at state finals, which means a secure your ratings, so that’s a pretty big deal in the marching band world,” Curie elaborated.

Watch the MHS marching band’s entire halftime show from August 30 in the video at the top of the story.

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