COLUMBUS, OH (WCMH)– The style of the two marching bands vying to be the NBC4 Band of the Week are as far apart as the two high schools are geographically.

From the east side, it’s Gahanna Lincoln and the west, Westland.

“We try to emulate Ohio State,” said GLHS drum major Hayden Alley. “I think it is more visually appealing. It’s visually striking.”

“Our show this year is ‘The Maze,’ and it’s pretty different than any show we’ve had before,” explained Westland color guard captain Brynn Rensing. “We definitely upped it this year. We have a new drill writer, a new music writer.”

Westland’s show takes you on a journey.

“Movement one is basically lost in the maze. It’s just kind of getting the feel of it. It’s very angsty and mysterious. Movement two is very sad. You’re lost in the maze. There’s no hope, and then, movement three … it’s upbeat and jazzy,” Rensing elaborated.

Friday in Gahanna is alumni night.

“We’ll be playing a few of the tunes that we’ve been playing in the past couple of years: YMCA, Sweet Caroline and Bohemian Rhapsody,” Alley stated.

Both schools want to show Central Ohio what makes their band special.

“When people think of the west side, you think of it as typically a worse area, very ghetto, whatever, and when you hear ‘oh yeah that’s a band from the west side’ you think, ‘oh they’re not going to be very good,’ but I think that we definitely break that stereotype,” said Rensing.

“I believe that our band stands out because of our style and our precision,” Alley added. “We take pride in our precision marching and our marching style. We have a high step that not a lot of high school bands emulate.”