Which jumbo fidget popper is best?

From tapping your fingers to shaking your foot, both kids and adults experience fidgeting every now and then. Along with fidget spinners, cubes and straws, fidget poppers are the newest gadget to help funnel that extra energy. 

While fidget poppers come in all shapes and sizes, jumbo fidget poppers are even bigger and better. The Puwan 484-Bubble Jumbo Fidget Popper has over 480 bubbles, making it ideal for families and fidget popper enthusiasts.

What to know before you buy a jumbo fidget popper

Ways to use a jumbo fidget popper

Family game night

A jumbo fidget popper is a great gadget that can bring the whole family together. First, gather your family or friends along with your jumbo fidget popper and one die. Then, each person takes their turn rolling the die and popping the corresponding amount of bubbles. The person to pop the last bubble loses and sits out the next game. Keep playing until only the winner remains.


Addition, subtraction and multiplication are fun with a jumbo fidget popper. Plus, unlike smaller fidget poppers, older kids who are learning larger numbers can also benefit from learning. You can also write letters on a jumbo fidget popper to spell words. Other educational activities include syllable counting, odd and even number counting or word unscrambling.

By yourself

While a jumbo fidget popper can be used by multiple people at once, it’s still a great toy to use while you’re alone. If you need a calming environment, many enjoy popping the bubbles and listening to the sound. Those who want to play a game can time themselves and see how fast they can pop all the bubbles.

Benefits of a jumbo fidget popper

Fidget poppers are proven to have a plethora of benefits. While we all fidget to release excess energy, some may benefit from a fidget popper to redirect energy into productive actions. For example, instead of shifting back and forth in your chair or playing with your hair, a fidget popper can be used as a self-regulation gadget to learn or accomplish a task. 

Many people with ADHD, ADD, OCD, autism or sensory disorders can benefit from a fidget popper, along with those who experience stress or anxiety. This gadget can distract the user from that primary emotion and provide a calming effect.

What to look for in a quality jumbo fidget popper


Fidget poppers come in various sizes from miniature keychain fidget poppers to jumbo fidget poppers and everywhere in between. The average handheld fidget popper has less than 50 bubbles, while midsized fidget poppers have around 100 bubbles. If you’re looking for a jumbo fidget popper, they generally have between 100 and 500 bubbles. While it’s not common, you could find a fidget popper with up to 1,000 bubbles.


Most fidget poppers are made using either 100% silicone or a mixture of silicone and plastic. It’s essential to ensure that your fidget popper is non-toxic and safe to handle.

Color and design

Whether you enjoy video games or like rainbow colors, fidget poppers are made to suit every person and hobby. Jumbo fidget poppers aren’t as common as hand-held or midsized fidget poppers, and the most common shape is a square. That said, you can still find a variety of design and color options.

How much you can expect to spend on a jumbo fidget poppers

The price of a jumbo fidget popper is based primarily on size or design and can range between $10-$50.

Jumbo fidget popper FAQ

Is my jumbo fidget popper waterproof?

A. If your jumbo fidget popper is made with 100% silicone like most fidget popper toys, it is safe to use in the water. However, be sure to completely dry the bubbles, as they are still susceptible to mold and bacteria.

Can my child bring their jumbo fidget popper to school?

A. The best way to know whether your child can bring their jumbo fidget popper to school is to check with your child’s teacher or principal. While some schools do not allow fidget poppers, others may use them for learning games or allow them during free time. Although a regular-sized fidget popper may be better suited for school than a jumbo fidget popper, some jumbo fidget poppers may not fit inside of a backpack.

What’s the best jumbo fidget popper to buy?

Top jumbo fidget popper

Puwan 484-Bubble Jumbo Fidget Popper

Puwan 484-Bubble Jumbo Fidget Popper

What you need to know: With 484 bubbles to pop, this fidget toy will satisfy several children at once.

What you’ll love: At 16 by 16 inches, this square fidget popper toy is one of the largest fidget popper toys available. It’s made of high-quality soft silicone that makes an audible popping sound, making it ideal for stress relief or sensory needs.

What you should consider: Since it’s so large, it’s not ideal for taking on the go and may not fit in a backpack.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top jumbo fidget popper for the money

Genovega 256-Bubble Giant Rainbow Square Fidget Popper

Genovega 256-Bubble Giant Rainbow Square Fidget Popper

What you need to know: This jumbo option is larger than most fidget popper toys but still portable enough to bring on the go.

What you’ll love: It’s made of high-quality silicone material that is non-toxic and safe for children. You can use it as a fidget toy or turn it into a game to play with friends and family.

What you should consider: Some users noted that not all of their bubbles were able to be popped.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Uimoki 400-Bubble Jumbo Fidget Popper

Uimoki 400-Bubble Jumbo Fidget Popper

What you need to know: Kids can use this fidget popper as a classic fidget toy or turn the 400 bubbles into a game with friends.

What you’ll love: This jumbo fidget popper is waterproof and comes in several color options, so children can choose their favorite design. It’s also made of non-allergenic material that is safe, non-toxic and odorless.

What you should consider: The material on the edges tends to be thinner and may rip if it’s used too often.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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