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Which curved shower curtain rods are best?

A stylish shower curtain can give your bathroom a boost, and a reliable shower curtain rod is what makes that possible. A curved shower curtain rod is a great way to add style to your bathroom and some extra room. It’s important to find a sturdy option that can endure moisture and steam without rusting.

The best type of curved shower curtain rods gives you extra space too, which makes your shower feel less cramped. One of the top options is the TITAN™ Stainless Steel Dual Install Curved Shower Rod in Chrome. It’s easy to install and can add up to 10 inches of space in your shower.

What to know before you buy curved shower curtain rods

Mounting type

When you hang a shower curtain on a curved curtain rod, you want to make sure to install the rod correctly. You can choose between a mounted rod or a tension rod. A tension rod, or a spring-loaded rod, uses a spring to press against parallel walls. You can adjust them to different lengths by twisting the rod to increase or decrease the space and tension. Mounted rods can fit varying spaces, but you must fix them in place with mounting hardware. Tension rods are easier to install, but mounting rods are more reliable. 

The shape of the rods

Curved shower curtain rods come in different shapes. Examine your shower to determine the best shape for your bathroom. Some have slight curves, while others feature substantial curves to make your shower feel larger. There are even shower curtain rods in the form of an L-shape to suit an open, corner shower. You can find curved shower curtain rods that double up to allow for one waterproof shower curtain on the inside and a decorative shower curtain on the outside. Measure the length and depth of your shower and bathroom to determine what style and shape work best. 


Metal or plastic are the most common materials used in shower curtain rods. Plastic tends to be more lightweight and affordable, but metal is far more durable and decorative. If you’re worried about rust, check that your curved metal shower curtain rod has a water-resistant coating. This will help reduce the risk of corrosion.

What to look for in quality curved shower curtain rods


The best curved shower curtain rod is rustproof. While metal is a highly durable material and can last for years, rust will ruin the aesthetics and benefits. Check for water-resistant features when shopping so you don’t end up with a sub-par curtain rod.

Durable installation hardware

If you go with a tension rod, make sure the twist-to-tighten feature is reliable. Some flimsy curtain rods twist into place but fall under the weight of the shower curtain. If you choose a curved curtain rod with mounting hardware, make sure to install them properly so your curtain rod lasts as long as possible. 


A curved curtain rod can make your bathroom appear more luxurious and improve your showering experience. However, if you pick a poorly-made curtain rod, it may not stay up under the weight of a shower curtain. The best curved curtain rod will hold up your shower curtain for years at a time. It will allow you to slide the curtain open and closed without catching, snagging or falling.

How much you can expect to spend on curved shower curtain rods

Curved curtain rods tend to be around $20-$25 for lower-end models, while high-end rods are around $30-$75.

Curved shower curtain rods FAQ

Do curved tension shower curtain rods work on tile showers?

A. Yes, tension rods work very well on tile walls. However, remember that tile becomes slippery when exposed to steam, so you want a high-end tension rod with non-slip ends to keep it up during and after a hot shower. 

How high should a shower curtain rod be?

A. Ideally, your shower curtain rod should be somewhere between 75-77 inches above the floor. This will allow for plenty of coverage.

Does a curved curtain rod serve a special purpose?

A. The main purpose of a curved shower curtain rod is to hold up a shower curtain and keep all the water inside the shower. The curved slope to the rod gives you a bit more room in your shower to make it feel spacious.

What are the best curved shower curtain rods to buy?

Top curved shower curtain rod

TITAN™ Stainless Steel Dual Install Curved Shower Rod in Chrome

TITAN™ Stainless Steel Dual Install Curved Shower Rod in Chrome

What you need to know: Get up to 10 extra inches of space in your shower with this heavy-duty steel curved shower curtain rod.

What you’ll love: Rustproof and durable, this shower curtain rod will hold up your most luxurious curtain. The dual-installation options give you a choice in how you want to hang your rod. It fits 50-inch to 72-inch showers and is 100% stainless steel for added reliability. 

What you should consider: Some users find this shower curtain rod to be a bit bulky.

Where to buy: Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond

Top curved shower curtain rod for the money

Bath Bliss, Easy to Install Wall Mounted Adjustable Curved Bathroom Shower Curtain Rod

Bath Bliss, Easy to Install Wall Mounted Adjustable Curved Bathroom Shower Curtain Rod

What you need to know: This streamlined curved curtain rod will serve you well, and offers up to 33% more shower space.

What you’ll love: Adjustable to fit between 42-72 inches, this curved curtain rod is great for smaller bathrooms. The water and rust-resistant coating will keep it in shape for years. It also comes with wall mounting hardware. 

What you should consider: Some users report a challenging installation process and say the rod drops a little in the middle.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Zenna Home NeverRust Aluminum Double Curved Rustproof Shower Rod

Zenna Home NeverRust Aluminum Double Curved Rustproof Shower Rod

What you need to know: Your shower will feel massive when you install this double curved shower curtain rod. 

What you’ll love: The rustproof aluminum helps this shower curtain rod last for years. It has a dual rod design to give you a place for damp towels or a fancy outer shower curtain. With installation instructions included, you can successfully get this rod up and ready in minutes.

What you should consider: Some users say the included mounting hardware doesn’t meet their expectations for durability.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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