Which Christmas palm tree is best?

When Christmas is right around the corner, it usually means setting up and decorating a Christmas tree. However, some people prefer tropical vibes and Christmas palm trees over the standard evergreen conifers traditionally associated with the winter holiday. 

Palm trees remind people of summer, fair weather, beaches and even vacation. With added Christmas lights, palm trees can really liven up the atmosphere, even during the darkest days of winter. 

One of the best Christmas palm trees is the Puleo International Pre-Lit Artificial Palm Tree. There are different size options, with trees up to 6 feet tall. It comes with pre-lit LED lights and a strong base that allows you to leave it inside or outside.

What to know before you buy a Christmas palm tree

A Christmas tree means different things to different people

The traditional Christmas tree — evergreen conifers like firs and pines — is universally recognized, but it’s also associated with temperate, cooler climates. However, people in the southern hemisphere experience Christmas in the middle of summer, and many people living in tropical locations never see snow or receive cold weather.

Many people are more likely to see palm trees on Christmas Day than a traditional Christmas tree. Others might live in a cooler area but want a Christmas palm tree to sprinkle a little summer into the holiday.

Christmas palm trees are usually artificial 

There are many species of palm trees, including legitimate Christmas Palm trees, which are native to the Philippines and Malaysia, among other areas. They are all different sizes, but the classic palm tree that most of us think about is quite tall, making it hard to keep inside. 

Those seeking a Christmas palm tree are likely talking about an artificial tree made of a material like cast iron or metal with LED lights strung up the trunk and across the branches. People in warmer climates may be able to grow a palm tree in their yards, but the Christmas palm trees found online are artificial.

Christmas palm trees bring tropical vibes 

The real reason to go with a Christmas palm tree is to usher in tropical island vibes. Adding a palm tree to the house or yard can make you forget winter is here and can help you keep summer alive. 

For those living closer to the equator, a Christmas palm tree might make a great outdoor decoration near a swimming pool or on a patio. People in northern climates may want to keep the palm tree inside.

What to look for in a quality Christmas palm tree

Durability and tree height

The last thing you want is your Christmas palm tree falling over because a dog runs into it or some wind blows it over. The bases on artificial Christmas trees can be small. Unlike the more stocky traditional Christmas tree, palm trees have long, thin trunks. This weight distribution can make them vulnerable to falling over, especially if they’re made of a lighter material. 

Look for a palm tree with a bigger base or change out the base yourself. While having a lightweight tree is more convenient, a heavier tree might also remain less prone to accidents or toppling over. 

Good LEDs

A Christmas tree needs lights, and palm trees are no exception. LED bulbs should last 30,000-50,000 hours. Most modern Christmas palm trees come with LED lights, but if any of the LEDs die soon after buying the tree, you should contact the manufacturer. The LED lights should line the trunk and branches/leaves, and dead spots can really deter from the Christmas experience.

Realistic features

There are some aesthetic differences between Christmas palm trees, but everyone wants a tree that looks real. A casual glance at an artificial Christmas palm tree should take you to your favorite tropical locale. The trunk of the tree should be brown and textured, while the branches should be green and shaped like a real palm tree.

How much you can expect to spend on a Christmas palm tree

Depending on size and other factors, expect to pay $15-$160. The lower-end priced models are small, tabletop versions, while the high-end Christmas palm trees are up to 7feet tall with LED lights.

Christmas palm tree FAQ

Can Christmas palm trees be outside? 

A. Christmas palm trees can be used outside, but it depends on the weather. If you live in a very windy or cold area, the elements may overcome your Christmas palm tree. For outside usage, it’s best to have them in summer or in fair weather.

Do Christmas palm trees require electricity or batteries?

A. They typically require electricity. Christmas palm trees often come with a cord and work with any standard outlet. The cord length varies, but you can always use an extension cable to increase the length of the cord. 

What’s the best Christmas palm tree to buy?

Top Christmas palm tree 

Puleo International Pre-Lit Artificial Palm Tree

Puleo International Pre-Lit Artificial Palm Tree

What you need to know: This artificial Christmas palm tree is available in different sizes with pre-lit LEDs and a solid base.

What you’ll love: The leaves and branches on this Christmas palm tree resemble a traditional Christmas tree. Choose a tree that is 4, 5 or 6 feet in height. You can use this tree inside or outside to give Christmas a more tropical feel. 

What you should consider: Some people prefer the branches to look more like a classic palm tree instead of a Christmas tree. 

Where to buy: Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond

Top Christmas palm tree for the money

Lightshare Artificial Lighted Christmas Palm Tree With 56 Lights

Lightshare Artificial Lighted Christmas Palm Tree With 56 Lights

What you need to know: The artificial palm tree comes in two sizes with realistic leaves and high-quality LEDs.

What you’ll love: Choose from a 5-foot or 7-foot tree. The LED lights should last 30,000 hours and wrap around the trunk and branches. The trunk of the tree is curved, like a real palm. This is one of the lightest available trees, weighing about 9 pounds. 

What you should consider: The base isn’t that big, so the tree could knock over easily by the wind if placed outside.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Bayou Breeze Pre-Lit Christmas Palm Tree With 96 LED Lights

Bayou Breeze Pre-Lit Christmas Palm Tree With 96 LED Lights

What you need to know: This beautiful artificial palm with bright LEDs stands 7 feet tall. 

What you’ll love: This is a tall Christmas palm tree with LEDs that last 30,000 hours. It’s very easy to set up and looks like an authentic palm tree. The metal material makes it very durable. 

What you should consider: This is a slightly heavier tree, weighing 15-16 pounds. 

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

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