LOGAN, Ohio (WCMH) — A Logan Police K-9 handler is speaking publicly for the first time after his partner was shot in the face during a standoff Sunday.

Rambo, the K-9 officer, was hit by a bullet in the face, and a Hocking County Sheriff’s deputy was hit in the hip, during a standoff Sunday night.

For Officer Devin Alford, Rambo is more than just a dog. He’s his partner.

Alford said during that stand-off Sunday night, he had a gut feeling something wasn’t right.

“I thought I lost him,” Alford said.

Multiple agencies were responding to a domestic violence call on Breman Road, including the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office and Logan Police.

Alford said since there was so much gunfire, he decided to put Rambo back in his car since he was not wearing a K-9 bulletproof vest.

Authorities said after many failed attempts to get the suspect, Steven Hardbarger, to come outside, he instead started shooting at officers.

Hardbarger is accused of shooting more than 150 rounds at law enforcement, according to court records.

“I just had, like, a gut feeling something was going to happen to him. So, we finished up and I went up to check on him,” Alford said.

Then, he said, the front window of the police cruiser was shot. Three bullets pierced the driver’s seat and into the back, where Rambo was secured.

A Hocking County Sheriff’s Deputy was hit in the hip. Rambo had been shot in the face.

Alford said he immediately started tending to Rambo’s wounds.

“I needed gauze, 4-by-4s, they gave me everything that they had, and told them I needed a helicopter to get to OSU,” Alford said.

He said he was by Rambo’s side the entire flight and at the vet. The veterinary staff took good care of Rambo, Alford said.

“Though he tried to keep eating all their supplies because he thought it was a ball,” Alford said.

Once the medical treatment was finished, Alford said his emotions shifted. He said he felt relieved and so happy that Rambo was going to be OK.

Rambo is home now. Alford said he’s taking a little time away from the job.

Rambo’s injuries are still healing, and the bullet remains in his face. Alford said the doctors decided to leave the bullet where it is so they didn’t damage any nerves.

Alford said Rambo isn’t the biggest fan of the cone and is already itching to get back to work.

Rambo has his next doctor’s appointment Thursday, and they are hoping he will be cleared to go back to training.