COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — College students are making sure their voices are heard in this year’s midterm election.

“If we don’t vote, then who is going to,” Ohio State University sophomore Noah Friedman said. “We set a trend for the rest of our lives.”

OSU students have a variety of reasons they are heading to the polls this year and some said this year, they’re more motivated than ever before to cast their vote.

“Especially with pro-choice and gun violence has been at an all-time high,” sophomore Sarah Garfinkel said.

According to the latest NBC4, Emerson College, and The Hill poll, voters between 18 and 34 say abortion access is the second most important issue to them, but the economy is their biggest motivating factor this year.

OSU senior Abby Kashure said abortion access is a top motivator for her this year, but as she prepares to enter the workforce, the economy is also a deciding issue.

“The economy is not exactly in the greatest place right now for us young college students and everyone who’s graduating,” Kashure said. “The price of groceries is definitely hitting me right now and I know it’s only getting worse, especially gas prices, commuting to jobs, might have to start moving.”

A poll released Thursday by Course Hero showed that 66% of college students said that inflation — specifically, the cost of food, clothes, rent and other day-to-day costs — is the biggest factor driving them to the polls. Nearly half of students said the cost of college and student loans will also be a major factor.

Some freshmen said while the economy does not have a direct impact on them now, they’re voting with an eye on the future.

“Since I don’t have a car down here, I’m not as worried about gas, but student loan forgiveness would be nice in a few years,” OSU freshman Greg Giavasos said. “This is the first midterm election that I can vote in, and I think there’s just a lot on the ballot.”

Voters can cast their vote from now during early voting through Election Day on Nov. 8.