COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Issue 2 is poised to pass as an overwhelming number of people seem to favor this kind of police reform.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said the people have spoken: they want this civilian review board and now it’s time for the elected officials to get it negotiated and done.

On the flip side, Keith Ferrell, the president of the police union, the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 9, is a little surprised that the people would sign a blank check over to the city and vote for a charter amendment with little detail in it.

Ferrell said even though that’s how he feels, they still have an obligation to do a fair negotiation with the City of Columbus.

“We are absolutely willing to listen and have that dialog,” Ferrell said when asked if there would be any pushback and breaks in communication with the city, like what was seen this past summer.

“We obviously did this in Reynoldsburg recently,” Ferrell continued. “So, we have proven that we have the initiative to do some of those things. But there’s two things we won’t sacrifice, fairness to the officers.  That’s not up for debate. It has to be a fair process for our officers and safe and fair for the public.”

Both sides said they can agree if this is truly what the people want.