COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — About 1 in 10 Ohioans plan to diverge from party lines in the state’s gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races at the ballot box on Nov. 8, the latest polling suggests.

As the campaign clock winds down for the Nov. 8 election, a poll released on Monday by the Siena College Research Institute found 12% of Ohioans plan to split their ticket and vote for incumbent Republican Gov. Mike DeWine and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tim Ryan.

Both the Siena College poll — and a survey released Monday by Marist Institute for Public Opinion — placed Ryan and his Republican challenger J.D. Vance in yet another statistical dead heat. Ohio’s gubernatorial race is poised to be a GOP landslide, and the proportion of on-the-fence voters has gradually whittled down.

“With just two weeks until Election Day, Governor Mike DeWine holds a comfortable 24-point lead over Democratic challenger, Nan Whaley,” Don Levy, director of the Siena College Research Institute, said in a statement. “But the race for U.S. Senate is currently a dead-even tie between Congressman Tim Ryan and Republican J.D. Vance as 12% of Ohio voters plan to split their ticket and vote for DeWine and Ryan.”

A slight majority of Ohioans surveyed in both the Marist College poll, conducted from Oct. 17 to 20, and the Siena College poll, conducted from Oct. 14 to 19, identified as Republican.

Dead heat — yet again — between Vance and Ryan

Respondents to the Siena College survey were split down the middle, with 46% of the vote going to Vance and 46% going to Ryan. Six percent of respondents were undecided — down from the 9% of undecided voters in Siena College’s late-September survey.

Vance earned an extra percentage point than his opponent in the Marist College poll and 8% of voters said they were undecided, a slight decrease from the 9% of on-the-fence voters recorded in its mid-September survey.

The majority of independent polling conducted after Ohio’s May primary election — considered by polling aggregator FiveThirtyEight to be non-partisan and unaffiliated with campaigns — has found the race between Vance, of Middletown, and Ryan, of Mahoning Valley, to be neck-and-neck.

PollsterFiveThirtyEight ScoreDate ConductedVance (R)Ryan (D)Net ResultWithin margin of error?
Marist CollegeAOct. 17-2046%45%Vance +1%Yes (+/- 3.9%)
Siena CollegeAOct. 14-1946%46%Tie +0Yes (+/- 5.1%)
CygnalB+Oct. 14-1847.3%43.2%Vance +4.1%No (+/- 2.58%)
LucidB-Oct. 11-1541%43%Ryan +2%Yes (+/- 3.8%)
Suffolk UniversityB+Oct. 11-1547%45%Vance +2Yes (+/- 4.4%)
Emerson CollegeA-Oct. 6-746%45%Vance +1Yes (+/- 3%)
CygnalB+Oct. 6-846%44%Vance +2
Siena CollegeA Sept. 18-2243%46%Ryan +3Yes (+/- 4.4%)
Baldwin Wallace University B/C Sept. 12-1545%48%Ryan +3Yes (+/- 4.1%)
Marist CollegeASept. 12-1346%45%Vance +1Yes (+/- 3.6%)
Emerson CollegeA-Sept. 12-1344%40%Vance +4No (+/- 3.2%)
CiviqsB-Sept. 10-1348%45%Vance +3Yes (+/- 4%)
Suffolk UniversityB+Sept. 5-746%47%Ryan +1Yes (+/- 4.4%)
Echelon InsightsB/C Aug. 31-Sept. 739%45%Ryan +6 No (+/- 4.3%)
Emerson CollegeA-Aug. 15-1645%42%Vance +3Yes (+/- 3.2)
Suffolk UniversityB+May 22-2442%39%Vance +2 Yes (+/- 4.4%)
A rundown of recent polls, via polling aggregator FiveThirtyEight.

DeWine maintains double-digit lead

While Ohioans are narrowly divided between the state’s U.S. Senate candidates, they seem to have made up their minds in the Buckeye State’s gubernatorial race.

Incumbent Gov. Mike DeWine, elected to the seat in 2018, leads his Democratic challenger and former Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley by double digits in both polls released Monday — a 13% lead among Marist College respondents and a 24% lead among Siena College respondents.

About 6% of voters in both polls remain undecided.

PollsterFiveThirtyEight ScoreDate ConductedDeWine (R)Whaley (D)Net ResultWithin margin of error?
Marist CollegeAOct. 17-2053%40%DeWine +13%No (+/- 3.9%)
Siena CollegeAOct. 14-1958%34%DeWine +24%No (+/- 5.1%)
CygnalB+Oct. 14-1856.3%35.2%DeWine +21.1%No (+/- 2.58%)
LucidB-Oct. 11-1560%29%DeWine +31%No (+/- 3.8%)
Suffolk UniversityB+Oct. 11-1556%38%DeWine +17%No (+/- 4.4%)
Emerson CollegeA-Oct. 6-750%36%DeWine +14No (+/- 3%)
CygnalB+Oct. 6-857%35%DeWine +22
Siena CollegeASept. 18-2255%32%DeWine +23No (+/- 4.4%)
Baldwin Wallace UniversityB/CSept. 12-1549%33%DeWine +16 No (+/- 4.1%)
Marist CollegeASept. 12-1350%33%DeWine +18No (+/- 3.6%)
Emerson CollegeA-Sept. 12-1349%33%DeWine +17No (+/- 3.2%)
CiviqsB-Sept. 10-1344%41%DeWine +3 Yes (+/- 4%)
Suffolk UniversityB+ Sept. 5-754%39%DeWine +15 No (+/- 4.4%)
Echelon InsightsB/CAug. 31-Sept. 754%35%DeWine +19No (+/- 4.3%)
Emerson CollegeA-Aug. 15-1649%33%DeWine +16 No (+/- 3.2)
Suffolk UniversityB+May 22-2445%30% DeWine +16 No (+/- 4.4%)
A rundown of recent polls, via polling aggregator FiveThirtyEight.