COLUMBUS (WCMH) — If you’d like to find out how much a tax levy or bond issue will cost you if it is passed, the Franklin County Auditor’s office has an online tool for you.

With the Levy Estimator, voters can enter their address, see which levy or bond items will be on their ballot and find out how much extra it will cost them per year. Click here to find the Levy Estimator.

In general, one mill is $1 per $1,000 of assessed property value. Levy or bond issues can be permanent, additional or for a specified time.

Here is a list of levy items that will be decided in Franklin County during the 2020 general election. In some cases, a levy is up for renewal, meaning it wouldn’t increase taxes if passed.

  • ADAM-H (2.85 mills for 5 years)
  • Grandview Heights (7.5 mills for 5 years, current expenses)
  • Minerva Park (4 mills for 5 years renewal, current expenses)
  • Riverlea Village (5.5 mills for 5 years, property tax)
  • Riverlea Village (1.5 mills for 5 years, road construction)
  • Truro Township (4 mills additional, fire protection)
  • Gahanna-Jefferson schools (10.69 mills)
  • Pickerington schools (2.9 mills for 38 years) Note: Parts of this district are in Fairfield County.
  • Franklin Township fire (5.89 mills for 5 years)
  • Jackson Township fire (4 mills for 5 year)

The Levy Estimator provides additional details on the issues.