COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A bill calling to strip the state Board of Education of power will soon be reintroduced at the Ohio Statehouse.

Senate Bill 178 was the initial introduction, which would dramatically reduce the authority of the board and shift power to a new state cabinet-level agency. It failed during the final legislative session of 2022.

Now, it is set to be reintroduced to begin 2023 as Senate Bill 1 while new members of the Board of Education were sworn in Tuesday. A spokesperson with the Ohio Senate told NBC4 the bill will be officially introduced Wednesday.

State Senator Andrew Brenner (R) was in attendance of the board of education’s first meeting to inform them of this initiative. “I think that’s where the accountability is going to come into play and that kind of pressure from a political standpoint can then go in and say we actually have to do something.” said State Senator Andrew Brenner.

Board members NBC4 spoke with commented with little surprise that the bill was going to be reintroduced in the Statehouse. New board member and former state Senator Teresa Fedor shares this sentiment.

“I’m very concerned about the public voice not being there,” Fedor said. “Decision makers who are not elected and even though the governor was elected statewide we still have a long way before it gets to the local level.”

According to Brenner, amendments regarding transgender girls participation in sports and protections for students who did not receive a COVID-19 vaccination were removed in the new bill.