COLUMBUS (WCMH) – There are no statewide issues or candidates on the ballot, but Tuesday is an election day in Ohio.

Lines should be much shorter than they were in November, if there are any lines at all.

When it comes to masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning, it’ll look very similar to what voters saw in November.

Early voting ended at the Board of Elections at 2 p.m. Monday.

Keep in mind, this is a much smaller election. Aaron Sellers, with the Franklin County Board of Elections, said 43 our of 844 precincts in the county are eligible to vote Tuesday.

That comes out to less than 36,000 voters out of a total of 760,000 registered voters.

Nonetheless, there are still important issues on ballots for those who can vote.

There are two police levies in parts of Franklin County and some county voters will be voting on a $2.9 mill bond issue for the Pickerington Local School District.

“It’s tax issues, money spent, and so you’re going to be affected one way or another if you live in those areas and we certainly recommend if you live in those areas, to get out and vote,” Sellers said. “Things that are on the ballot that are going to affect every voter; not just the voter, but every person in those districts.”

Several other central Ohio communities outside of Franklin County are also voting on issues Tuesday. Click here to see the full list