COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) –The primary race for Ohio’s open U.S. Senate seat is no longer a one-candidate race on the Democratic side.

Attorney and self-described progressive Morgan Harper is now in the race, challenging fellow Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan.

Harper said she is running a campaign aimed at turning out Black voters, women, young people, and middle-class Ohioans. Harper is seen as a Bernie Sanders-type of Democrat who is working for issues that include universal health care and tackling the climate crisis.

She feels good about her chances of winning a statewide race in an Ohio that, in recent years, has leaned more and more Republican.

“What we are seeing on the Democratic side is the Democrats who are more successful statewide actually are more on the progressive side,” Harper said. “Sherrod Brown has been able to win statewide. Barack Obama, you know, when he was able to win this state, it was by sticking to values, by talking about the issues that people care about, and with a commitment of being not just a political insider, but somebody who is coming from the community, even more of an outsider but able to put the community first.”

Harper said she is pledging not to accept any political PAC money.

Harper previously challenged Rep. Joyce Beatty in the 2020 Democratic primary for the 3rd Congressional District. Beatty won that race with 68 percent of the vote.