MARYSVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) — For many people in Marysville, the only thing that will be on their ballot for the primary election on Tuesday is a levy for Marysville Exempted Village School District.

“On May 2nd, this Tuesday, we are voting for an $8.4 million operating levy for Marysville Exempted Village School District. What that allows us to do is continue our daily operations,” says Jassie Rausch, a resident for the levy.

Rausch and her friend Tiffany Wood are longtime residents of Marysville. They both attended school there and now have kids in the district. That’s why they say they are voting for this levy. “I was a graduate here, Jassie was a graduate here. We had people pay for us so we could go to school here,” says Wood. “We live here and raise our kids here because of the school district. It’s all about our kids.”

According to the website for Marysville Exempted Village School District, there has not been a new operating levy since 2008. The district says this levy is needed to maintain school programs, daily operations and the costs associated with Marysville’s growing student body.

Wood and Rausch say if passed, it’ll cost residents an extra 81 cents a day. “81 cents a day can be taken out of anything. Maybe you don’t eat out once a month or maybe you don’t buy that fancy coffee. 81 cents a day to keep our schools growing and our city to be able to have this kind of school district is very important,” says Wood.

But not everyone in Marysville is voting yes on this levy. Some houses in the city have signs in the yard encouraging people to vote no because they don’t want an increase in property taxes. “We have people that are a low income base and they have a hard time finding living quarters here in this county and I think it’s time to stop handing out money left and right,” says Valerie Raymond, who is voting against the levy.

Raymond’s kids went through Marysville schools, but she says she is against the levy because her family is already living on one income and they can’t afford to pay any more than they already do. “I feel sorry for the kids, but they need to start watching their money just like we have to,” says Raymond.

For many people living in Marysville, this levy will be the only thing on their ballot. For more information on this levy, the school district has a page on their website with specific information. Click here to read more.