COLUMBUS – (WCMH) – Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose stopped by the Franklin County Board of Elections Wednesday to cast his ballot in the special election to replace former Congressman Steve Stivers.

While there, he took a tour and highlighted the security and bipartisan nature of Ohio’s elections.

LaRose says elections have become more and more political, leading to people casting doubt on the process.

“There’s always hyperbole, unfortunately, around elections,” he said. “There is a worrying trend toward politicizing election administration.”

LaRose took a behind-the-scenes tour at the Franklin County Board of Elections so that people could see the security and bipartisanship at work.

“Ohioans need to know that we run an honest process and one that they should participate in and feel comfortable participating in because their voice is going to be heard,” he said.

Earlier this week, LaRose called voter fraud extremely rare. Chelsea Clark, who is running against LaRose for Secretary of State, said instead of spending time on a non-existent issue, she would like to see him spend time to make voting more accessible.

“I think it would be great if the Secretary of State and his office were as diligent about making sure eligible Ohioan voters weren’t purged from our rolls and making it easier to cast legal votes, as they were about searching for these rare instances of voter fraud,” Clark said.