COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Before hosting a campaign event in Columbus, former Vice President Joe Biden spoke with NBC4’s Colleen Marshall about what a Biden presidency might look like.

Asked if there would be a woman on the ticket with him, Biden said the chances are very high. He says his choice will come after the nomination is secured.

“I can assure you one thing. My entire administration, the commitment from the cabinet to the White House staff and to the Vice Presidency, to the courts, is going to look like America. An I mean it, across the board. Men, women, African American, Latino, it’s going to look like America,” said Biden.

He is also promising trade agreements that would protect America’s farmers and laborers.

“I’m not going to sign any trade agreement, none at all, unless labor and environmentalists are at the table. Period. And, by the way, last thing, we have to join with our Democratic partners around the world to lay down ground rules for China. Absent that, going it alone, what happens? This America first has made America alone,” said Biden.

Biden addressed a commercial from the Sanders campaign that implies he would not support the expansion of Social Security or Medicare, and might in fact cut the programs.

“That’s a lie, flat out, and he knows it. Politifact said it is not true,” said Biden.

Biden promises to expand social security and Medicare and pay for that by eliminating the current tax breaks for wage earners over $130,000 per year.

And as for questions about his age and mental faculties?

Colleen Marshall: If you would look at social media and certainly the Twitter feed of Donald Trump, they say Joe Biden is old, Joe Biden seems confused. What do you want to say to Ohio voters about your mental acuity?

Joe Biden: Watch. I can hardly wait to debate this guy that’s in such great shape and such a stable genius. I can hardly wait.

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