COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Local and statewide elected officials took part in the impact Ohio Post General Election Conference Thursday — and keynote speaker among them was U.S. Senator-elect JD Vance.

Vance said he is ready to make his way to Washington and assured Ohioans that he will be someone who works in their best interest.

“I plan to work with anybody with whom I can get things done. On things like trade policy, bringing jobs back to Ohio, Sherrod (Brown) could be a good ally. Energy policy — hopefully
Joe Manchin will be a good ally,” Vance said. “The way I think about it is, the people of Ohio sent me to the United States Senate to do a job and I plan to do it.”

This is Vance’s first time holding any office, but he said he thinks that’s an advantage.

“There are things I’ll have to learn, but I also think I bring a different
perspective having grown up in the business world, having achieved something in the private sector,” Vance said. “So, I think it’s an asset to send people to Washington with a fresh perspective.”

NBC4 asked Vance how he plans to help Ohioans, and he said it starts with the economy. He said ultimately, nothing can get done without solving what he calls ‘serious energy problems.’

“Inflation seems to have come down a little bit, it’s still way too high, record highs,” Vance said.
“But I think a big part of that is opening up our energy, our refining markets and our pipelines to bring down the price of gas, the price of utilities and the costs, consequently, of everything else,”

He said even working on his top issue — securing the U.S.-Mexico border — will help the midwestern state.

“I actually think what happens at the border does really affect our country and affects our state in particular in very dangerous ways,” Vance said.

Vance said his goal in Washington is to find a way to navigate the world of a divided government. He said a few times that the U.S. Senate should not be a place to give ‘guys like
him’ a platform, but to get things done.