The video above is Sunday, Oct. 30 episode of NBC4’s political show “The Spectrum with Colleen Marshall.”

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — There are multiple state and nation-altering races coming to Ohio voters’ ballots in November.

NBC4 is following multiple races, and breaking down what they mean for Ohioans as well as where their candidates to pick from stand on issues. Some races have also drawn the attention of pollsters, who have predicted where the political figures — including Gov. Mike DeWine, Nan Whaley, Tim Ryan and J.D. Vance — stand with voters in the state.

There are also local races set up for voters to make decisions about very specific issues in Ohio. Depending on the outcome, the aptly named Issues 1 and 2 could change both who is allowed to vote in the state, and how judges set bail for suspects facing criminal charges. Additionally, both property and income tax levies are ballots for multiple Ohioans’ various school districts.

To learn more about the candidates and issues facing voters before Election Day, NBC4 has written stories explaining them, available by clicking the links below.

The candidates

The issues

How to vote