COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A half dozen races across Franklin County will have spaces to write in candidates on Tuesday – but not just any name will count as a vote.

Eight people have declared themselves write-in candidates in several local races, from mayoral elections to school board positions. Although voters are able to write in any name they’d like, only those officially designated as write-in candidates will be tallied.

Write-in candidates had until 4 p.m. 72 days before the election – or Aug. 27 – to submit a declaration of intent to their county board of elections. Any race with a qualified write-in candidate will have a space designated as such on the ballot.

Except for the presidential and vice presidential races, which are governed by federal law, there are no signature requirements for someone to declare a write-in candidacy. If someone is seeking a write-in candidacy for governor, however, they must do so alongside a candidate for lieutenant governor, and any vote toward one will count for both, according to the Ohio Revised Code.

The only other qualification for write-in candidates is that they cannot have already declared candidacy in the election, whether it be by party nomination or otherwise.

Six races across Franklin County have write-in candidates:

  • Columbus mayor: Carrie Griffin and Allison Willford
  • Village of Brice mayor: John Mathys and Lori Runyon
  • Brown Township trustee: Michelle Stayrook
  • Madison-Champaign Educational Service Center board member: Kimberly Crumley
  • Columbus City School Board: Rhonda Stovall West
  • Hamilton Local School Board: Maria Varney

There is no early in-person voting on Monday. Absentee ballots must be post-marked by Monday or returned in person to county boards of elections by 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Check your voter registration on the Secretary of State’s website. View your sample ballot here. Find your polling location on your county board of elections website.