COLUMBUS, OH (WCMH)– When voters get to their polling location Tuesday, after verifying their identity and address, they will be given two pieces of paper:

  1. Authority to vote barcode
  2. Blank paper ballot

Voters will insert their blank ballot into the machine, then, scan their authority to vote code.

People who spoke with NBC4 at at the Franklin County Board of Elections voting early Monday were pleased with the new machines.

“I think it was easier. More straight forward and not as confusing,” said Columbus resident Jacqueline Rollins.

“I enjoyed that the new machines were user-friendly and rather intuitive,” agreed New Albany Brian Trocha.

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The ADA complaint machines were made to make it easier for everyone to vote in privacy.

“You can change the font, you can change– if we have voters who have some color blindness– you can change it from color to black and white,” explained Aaron Sellers, Franklin County Board of Elections public information officer.

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The new machines cost Franklin County millions of dollars.

Its very similar to what we did in past years. The biggest difference in these new machines, is that you are not voting on the machine … you’re telling it what you’re voting on and it will print off on the paper that you then go and deposit in a ballot counter

Aaron Sellers, Franklin County Board of Elections public information officer

Voters say they are liking that new experience.

“I think it’s also a great thing there’s a paper copy that is printed off and is scanned, so if there some sort of inconsistency, the paper copy is still available for tally,” Trocha said.

“[It took me] 5 minutes [to vote],” Rollins stated. “From the process of coming in and showing my ID and verifying my address and walking over and voting and putting it in the slot… I was done. I was like ‘ok, that’s it!?'”

The last step is the voter inserting their paper ballot into the secure box for it to be counted.

Watch the video above for a demonstration.