COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The May primary election is officially underway with early voting kicking off Tuesday across the entire state, but this isn’t going to be the only primary election in 2022.

Ohio will have one primary in May and a second one at a later, undetermined date.

“I’ll do whatever it takes — it’s that important to vote so I’d low crawl a mile to get here,” said voter Barry Graham. “That’s just how I feel about voting.”

Graham cast his ballot for the first day of early voting, but some races were not on it.

Elections for state house, state senate, and state central committee races will happen at a later date, meaning two primary elections will happen.

“I’d rather they didn’t,” Graham said of the split primaries. “I wish they would get their act together and stop gerrymandering the districts, but we have to have an election.”

This all goes back to redistricting. Several sets of statehouse maps have been rejected by the Ohio Supreme Court during the redistricting process. A fourth set is under review now and facing objections in court.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose said he’d like to see a date set for the second primary, specifically Aug. 2.

“The important thing is that we get certainty about that second primary as soon as possible,” LaRose said. “I would hope that the legislature would act expeditiously.”

LaRose needs the General Assembly to set the date, but also help to foot the bill. A second primary alone, he estimates, will cost between $20 to $25 million.

“I’ve made it clear that the General Assembly should come to the table with some additional funding to make sure these county governments aren’t left bearing that cost on their own,” he said.

Graham said he’ll come out for a second primary and has this message for his fellow voters.

“It’s your constitutional right; a lot of people have put a lot of things on the line — their lives, their limbs,” he said. “Come out and vote. Have your say.”

Early voting for all of the other races is open now for anyone looking to cast their ballot ahead of the May 3 primary election day.