COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Ahead of the first and only statewide debate between U.S. Senate candidates JD Vance and Tim Ryan, college students sounded off on key issues they’ll be eyeing before heading to the ballot box.

At the Ohio State University, students said they are looking forward to voting here in November.

“I feel like our generation is getting more into politics but definitely should be getting more into them because it’s important it’s our future,” said sophomore Kylie Zeller.

Junior Andrew Holbert said there are key issues he wants to hear more about.

“I definitely think inflation is something that’s really affecting us. My rent has gone up by quite a bit — a lot of my friends are trying to find new ways to make more money to pay for the increase in cost,” he said.

Sophomore Kristen Cooper said her vote will be informed by stances on abortion.

“Really important is the abortion issue in Ohio — I’m very much pro-choice and I really think we should really do away with the six-week ban that’s been put on women,” said Cooper.

The heartbeat law is currently on hold in Ohio due to a Hamilton County judge who granted a preliminary injunction against the six-week ban last week.

Students like Cooper and Zeller said they feel like their vote matters here in Ohio.

“Moving somewhere that’s a swing state and that goes back and forth, I feel like voting here actually makes a difference and actually matters — so seeing that I can have some kind of say and who’s representing us is kind of huge for me,” said Cooper.

Zeller added, “I want to live in a place that reflects my morals and what I want to see in the future, especially, like I said, it’s one thing to promise something; it’s another thing to make it actually happen.”

Monday’s debate comes just one night before the deadline to register to vote in Ohio. Early voting begins Wednesday.