COLUMBUS, Ohio (WMCH) — Two central Ohio School Districts can move forward with major construction projects thanks to voter approval of bond issues this election day.

Voters in both Worthington City Schools and Pickerington Local School districts passed the requests, but the races were close.

Both those districts’ requests passed — but it was a close race.

Erin Sogal, a parent of three Worthington school students, said she was thankful voters approved issues 6 and 7 on the ballot.

“It was a tough ask but we’re glad that the community was able to step up and understand what this impact would have for generations in our community,” Sogal said.

Worthington City Schools will be able to fund rebuilding Thomas Worthington High School, renovate parts of Worthington Kilbourne, and will have funding for operational costs thanks to the 234 bond issue passing and an incremental levy.

“It was great to see Upper Arlington and Pickerington also be supported by their communities and just knowing, as a whole, we are preparing for what the future is bringing to central Ohio,” Sogal said.

Pickerington Local School District also saw success on election night for its bond issue, using the money to address overcrowding with plans to build a new junior high and renovate other buildings because of student population growth.

Ohio Education Association President Scott DiMauro said election night was important to districts across the Buckeye state.

“There were more levies than we’ve seen on the last few elections because a number of districts were putting off going to the ballot in the wake of the pandemic,” he said.

DiMauro says it is a difficult time for many families and it’s important to remember schools are also facing similar issues.

“Inflation is hitting school districts; when you think about the cost to put gas in the tanks of the school buses, the cost to maintain technology, to heat the buildings, and to pay staff,” he said.

Central Ohio superintendents thanked voters.

Pickerington Superintendent Dr. Chris Briggs wrote, “I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support during this historic time where Pickerington Schools is facing unprecedented growth!”

Worthington Superintendent Dr. Trent Bowers said, “Residents have entrusted us with the necessary resources we need to ensure our schools remain among the best in central Ohio.”

Upper Arlington City School District voters also approved a levy, this one to cover operating costs.