WORTHINGTON, Ohio (WCMH) – Students at Worthington Kilbourne held signs denouncing racism and calling for justice for George Floyd. Olivia Murray was part of the demonstration.

“End systematic racism because what our country is based on is to help white people exceed and stopped my black brothers and sisters from prospering,” Murray said. “It’s our right [to protest]. We have to use our privilege now to help them.

The students had their demonstration all mapped out.​ After an hour and a half of standing with signs, the students listened to each other speak followed by a march down Hard Road.​ Kyle Strickland, class of 2009, spoke as well about a better future.​ He said the students’ efforts gave him hope for change.​  ​ ​

“It’s critical for them to recognize that their voice matters, especially in a society we’ve seen that too often devalues black lives,” Strickland said. “Black lives matter and our generation is going to be the generation that dismantled theses issues and opens doors and builds opportunities for everyone.”