DELAWARE, OH (WCMH) — Susan Gwynne, 55, was sentenced Monday for preying on elderly victims by posing as a healthcare worker while stealing their keepsakes.

Authorities used surveillance video, fingerprints and thousands of pieces of jewelry recovered from Gwynne’s home. All stolen from nursing home residents in there 70s, 80s and 90s. One victim was over 100-years-old.

Before she was sentenced Gwynne told everyone she was addicted to cocaine, the judge says they found no evidence of that. 55-year-old Susan Gwynne, while cuffed hand and foot turned to the victims’ families and apologized.

“I am deeply sorry for the pain and loss.”

But Gwynne still continues to blame drugs for her behavior.

“I will devote my time to paying you back, I know with all my heart this will never happen again. I pray everyone forgive me,” Gwynne said.

She may not have the opportunity, Judge. David Gormley sentenced her to 65 years in prison.

“I don’t think it made any difference, because I don’t think anyone could do that to an elderly person. They have dignity and they are human beings,” said Sharon Klare. Gwynne stole checks from her 93 year old mother who is still battling dementia.

Alan Hittepole says it was a week before his 97 year old mother told him of the thefts.

“She called me in tears one evening, obviously she had been fretting over this for some time,” said Hittepole.

The Delaware County Assistant Prosecutor Amelia Bean-DeFleumer said 12 of the 46 victims have since passed on after the thefts.

“I just came to see the person did this looked like, wanted to see their eyes, wanted to see the sentence for myself,” Hittepole said.

More than 3,000 pieces of jewelry were recovered but the prosecutor said many of her victims remain unidentified. Gwynne plead guilty to burglary, theft and receiving stolen property. She was also ordered to pay $25,400 in restitution.