STILLWATER, Okla (WCMH). — An Oklahoma woman said the CEO of the store she worked for discriminated against her, so she decided to quit.

Sherene Zarrabi worked at a boutique called Dainty Hooligan in Stillwater. Occasionally, she would model the store’s clothes and post the photos on Dainty Hooligan’s Instagram.

After the owner of the store sent her an email asking her to stop posting the photos, Zarrabi said she quit.

Zarrabi said owner Jessica Issler even went on the Instagram account and deleted all the photos of Zarrabi modeling the store’s clothes–because Zarrabi apparently did not fit the owner’s view of what a model should look like.

Zarrabi posted the email on her Facebook page.

“I just want to start by saying this: I am fully comfortable with who I am and the way I look,” she said. “I have recently been attacked and discriminated against by the owner of Dainty Hooligan. THIS is the reason young girls have body image issues. This is disgusting.”