COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Department of Homeland Security will be resuming DACA after a long battle with the Trump Administration.

Starting Monday, the Department of Homeland Security will have to upload a link for DACA applications to its website.

One local Columbus attorney, Inna Simakovsky, said though this is good news, there is the additional challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Right now, there’s no school,” Simakovsky said. “It’ll take some time for people to understand this is open to 15-year-olds.”

On top of that, getting access to resources to provide proof in the application will be more challenging.

“You have to prove that you’ve been here from a certain date, so you need your vaccination records, you need your school pictures,” Simakovsky said. “It was a hard thing to get initially, and now with COVID, it’s going to be harder to ask for the documents that are needed.”

Finally, there’s the cost. Simakovsky said as millions of people have lost their jobs, getting an attorney and applying all adds up, but she says her practice at Simakovsky Law will be efforting to help.

“We have a legal assistant here that is doing a fundraiser for two DACA people to apply,” she said.

Simakovsky said as a refugee from Russia, this hits close to home for her, so her office will also be offering free consultations.

Starting Monday, the Department of Homeland Security is directed to post a public notice to be displayed on its website which states they will now be accepting first-time applications and the qualifications. NBC 4 will be adding the link here once it is made available.